Rasmalai Recipe in Hindi: You all must have eaten Rasmalai. But making Rasmalai at home seems like a very difficult task. But it’s really not that difficult. You can make wonderful Rasmalai very easily at home. If you feel like eating Rasmalai and don’t feel like going to the market, you can enjoy Rasmalai by staying at home. You can prepare Rasmalai at home even during festivals and any auspicious occasions. So, through this blog you will know how to make a market like Rasmalai at home.

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Ingredients needed to make Rasmalai:

1 liter of cow’s milk

1 tablespoon lemon juice or curd

300 grams of sugar (for syrup)

Rasmalai Syrup Ingredients:

1 liter of whole milk

100 grams of sugar

6-7 strands of saffron

4-5 cardamoms

6-7 almonds

6-7 walnuts

15-20 pistachios

Method to make Rasmalai:

Prepare Rasmalai Chhena:

  1. Take a large container, pour cow’s milk into it and heat it. Now after 3 minutes when the milk reaches 80 degrees Celsius, add some lemon juice to the milk and mix it. After mixing it, again add some lemon juice to the milk and mix. Similarly, add lemon juice to the milk and stir the milk lightly and then wait a minute and continue this process until the lemon juice is gone. After adding all the lemon juice, leave the milk like that for a while.
  2. After a while, when the milk curdles and is ready, the chenna and water will begin to appear separately, and then filter it. To filter it, take a strainer and place a muslin or cotton cloth on top and place a cup under the strainer so that when filtered the water goes down into the cup. Then filter the curdled milk and remove the water by lifting the cloth from all sides.
  3. The chenna is still hot. Let it cool a little. After it cools down a little, squeeze it well and then add cold water to the chenna and wash it well to remove the lemon flavor and smell. Take out the chenna on a plate and mash it well for 4-5 minutes to make it smooth. After 5 minutes the chenna is crushed and ready.

Prepare syrup for Rasmalai:

  1. Put 1 liter of whole milk in a container and cook until it is reduced by half.
  2. Now take a tablespoon of this milk in a bowl. And add saffron threads and leave. So the saffron will leave its color in the milk.
  3. Now we will cook the whole milk by adding 100 grams of sugar and we will also add the saffron milk.
  4. Your Rasmalai syrup is ready.

Prepare Rasmalai Goli:

  1. Here we will take a wide-mouth container and add 1 liter of water and 300 grams of sugar to make syrup.
  2. While the syrup is being prepared, we will prepare Rasmalai Goli. Make balls the size of a small lemon and flatten them with the help of your palm.
  3. Prepare all the pills like this. After this, when the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup starts to boil. So put the pill in slowly.
  4. Now let the balls boil for 15 minutes because when it boils the balls will swell and start to rise. After 15 minutes, the Rasmalai is well cooked in syrup and is ready. Switch off the gas and remove the container from the gas and keep it on a lattice stand and let the Rasmalai cool down.
  5. The Rasmalai syrup that we had prepared. After it cools, scoop the syrup into a bowl. After this, your Rasmalai will also be cooled and ready. Take out a rasmalai from the syrup, press it lightly with a spoon and drop the rasmalai into the thick rasmalai syrup. Similarly, put the rest of the Rasmalai in Rasmalai syrup.

To decorate the Rasmalai:

  1. We will chop the cashews, almonds and pistachios that we have very finely. And pour them over the rasmalai and keep the rasmalai in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Because Rasmalai only tastes good cold.
  2. After this, your delicious and beautiful saffron rasmalai will be ready. You can serve it in a bowl and give it to all your family members and enjoy eating it yourself.


  • You can use the water that comes out while making chenna for kneading dough, making dal, vegetable gravy or curry.
  • It is important to soften the chenna by grinding it well. If the chenna does not become soft, the Rasa Malai will also not become soft and fluffy.
  • By adding corn flour to Ras Malai, the texture of Ras Malai improves a little. If you want you can add corn flour.
  • You can use the remaining syrup to make sweet puri, pua, sweet cheela, shakarpara or you can also use it again to make chenna rasgullas.
  • Use only cow’s milk to make chenna. Chhaina cow’s milk remains soft which makes Rasmalai good too.
  • If you don’t like saffron or it causes harm to you, you can also use yellow food coloring instead of saffron.
  • If you like white rasmalai, you can make rasmalai without saffron or coloring.

Gol Malai Recipe

If you want to make Golmalai, you can make Golmalai in the same way as Rasmalai. To do this you will have to shape the tablet like a small rasgulla and the Golmalai syrup will be prepared exactly the same as the Rasmalai syrup. This is if you don’t like saffron. Then you can omit the saffron. Or you can use yellow food coloring instead of saffron. Golmalai looks like small pills and looks good.

If you want to do Golmalai, do it keeping in mind all the steps of Rasmalai. It’s all the same. Here you have to make small balls instead of Rasmalai.

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